Chapter 1: Setting up a Master

Chapter 1: Setting up a Master Toolbox 19 do not scale well because data becomes lost as you attempt to enlarge a pixel-based image. note Many bitmap-based imaging programs, such as Photoshop, do contain some support for vector-based graphics, which you ll read about in the next secret. Still, they are primarily used for the creation of raster graphics. One thing that s no secret is how ubiquitous Photoshop is for Windows and Macintosh users. And while every professional Web designer should really be familiar with and use Photoshop (shown in Figure 1-13), some other bitmap imaging programs also enjoy fairly widespread use. Figure 1-13: Working on a client site in Photoshop. For Macintosh and Windows, Macromedia Fireworks (shown in Figure 1-14) is a very popular bitmap imaging program, and JASC s Paint Shop Pro has a certain cult-like following among Windows-based Web design enthusiasts. Corel offers a complete drawing program with its Draw suite, but its use seems very limited among people working on the Web. A surprise for bitmap imaging needs is The Gimp. The Gimp stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and is an open source bitmap drawing software program that works on UNIX and related systems, as well as having versions for the Macintosh and Windows (see Figure 1-15). The Linux and Windows versions of Gimp are freely distributed. You can also run Gimp under OSX for free, although the MacGimp version runs around $20 to download (a far cry from the hundreds to even thousands of dollars other bitmapping programs will cost you).

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