Chapter 1: Setting up a Master

Chapter 1: Setting up a Master Toolbox 21 note For information on Adobe Photoshop, please Macromedia Fireworks can be found at Corel products are showcased at, and JASC s Paint Shop Pro is available at The Gimp for UNIX and Windows can be found at, and The Gimp for Mac OS X is at Secret #9: Vector Image Programs For those of you who create logos, refine type, and enjoy drawing, the two most common drawing programs are Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand (shown in Figure 1-16). Vector-based images differ from bitmap graphics in that they contain the mathematical information necessary to allow them to be scaled without loss of quality. They are extremely useful for creating curves and shapes. Of course, you will need to rasterize your final work by converting it to bitmap formats, such as GIF or JPEG, if you re going to use your illustration on the Web, but you can achieve far more complex drawing tasks in a vector-based program. Figure 1-16: Drawing geometric shapes in Macromedia Freehand. As with bitmap programs, there are a few shareware and open source gems that shouldn tbe overlooked, especially for those on a limited budget, who have lighterweight needs for vector drawing.

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