Chapter 1: Setting up a Master

Chapter 1: Setting up a Master Toolbox 23 As with all software and utilities, some of the available Web animation utilities are commercial, and some are completely free. Table 1-6 provides a variety of popular options from which to choose. Table 1-6: Popular Web Animation Utilities Software Platform and Usage Availability Ulead Gif Animator Windows; very popular with many designers Commercial, low-cost product with 30-day demo, www.ulead .com/ga/runme.htm GIF Construction Set One of the oldest GIF animators around for Windows Low-cost shareware, alchemy/gifcon.html GIF Builder Very popular for Mac OS 9 and earlier Low-cost shareware, gifbuilder/ GIF Builder for OS X Mac OS X (will run on Mac OS 8 and above) Freeware, .php/id/235 GIF Merge Linux and related platforms GIFMerge/ The majority ofWeb designers, however, tend to use Adobe ImageReady for animations. ImageReady (shown in Figure 1-18) ships with Photoshop and is available for Windows and Macintosh. Figure 1-18: Creating a GIF animation in Adobe ImageReady.

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