Chapter 1: Setting up a Master

Chapter 1: Setting up a Master Toolbox 25 Secret #12: Rename Utilities For the manyWeb designers working on aWindows platform, easy ways to rename numerous files locally can be problematic. Let ssay you want to take a directory full of files with the suffix .html, retain the files unique prefixes, and change the suffix globally to .php. To do this directly on an open-source operating system from the command line is very simple, but forWindows and Macintosh (except if you use the command line in OS X) you need a rename utility to perform the task effectively. For Windows and Mac OS X, a low-cost, shareware program that ll help you perform rename tasks on your local machine is A Better File Rename. Not only does it do the job, but the company that makes the product, PublicSpace, also has a specialWeb master program allowing you to link to the company and get the software free. Or, if you run a site where you can place their ad banner, you can get more than one product free. Figure 1-20 shows a rename process using A Better File Rename. Figure 1-20: Working with A Better File Rename to batch rename files locally. note To download A Better File Rename, see ABetterFinderRename/. For the Web master program, visit webmasters/index.html.

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