Chapter 1: Setting up a Master

Chapter 1: Setting up a Master Toolbox 27 Figure 1-21: Using Detagger to remove HTML tags. tip HTML Tidy is built into a wide range of shareware code editors and utilities. Be sure to check the sourceforge Web site for additional resources. In Figure 1-22, I m using TidyGUI, a simple GUI interface to Tidy, to clean a document. Secret #15: Compression Utilities Compression utilities are one of the most critical tools you ll need. And, with today s more efficient compression, not only are you able to compress files for more efficient e-mail, FTP, Web site downloads and storage, but you can extract them easily, too. One of the biggest issues in compression is cross-platform compatibility. In the past, most UNIX and related operating systems used certain compression formats, Macintosh used others, and Windows still others. Sending files back and forth or making them available in compressed formats onWeb sites always means making sure you ve got software capable of cross-platform compression and extraction. For Windows, the most widely used package for this is WinZip (www.winzip .com/), a low-cost shareware utility that creates and extracts a wide number of compression formats that are used across platforms (see Figure 1-23).

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