278 Part III: Designing Sites for Long-Term Success

278 Part III: Designing Sites for Long-Term Success note For coverage on PNG browser support, see www.libpng.org/pub/png/ pngapbr.html. A related technology, Multiple Network Graphics (MNG), offers animation capabilities. You can learn more about this format at www.libpng.org/ pub/mng/. PNG is a recommendation by the W3C. To read more about the standardization of PNG, see www.w3.org/Graphics/PNG/. Secret #188: GIF Animation Do s and Don ts GIF animations are a great way to add movement and fun to aWeb page. They are also useful forWeb-based ads. However, there are certain problems and limitations of which you should be aware when using GIF animations. Here are some guidelines to help: Don t overuse animations on a single page. This often occurs when newcomers to the Web get overenthusiastic. Usually, one animation per page is fine; more is only warranted in those cases where the designer has more experience and is applying the technique purposefully. Do optimize your GIFs well. To do this, you ll need a good GIF animation program, such as Ulead s GIF Animator, that allows you to optimize specifically for GIF animation. Refer back to Chapter 1 Setting Up a Master Toolbox for more information. Don t make animations blink too fast. This can cause serious problems in epileptics and others prone to seizures. Animated GIFs in general cause accessibility and usability problems you can t stop and start them easily, and you can t rewind or fast-forward. Make sure you consider your audience s needs at all times. Describe animations using alt text, inline descriptions, and consider using longdesc along with GIF animations for accessibility reasons. See Chapter 10, Adding Accessibility Features to learn more. Do try for subtlety. Sometimes the most interesting GIF animations are those that are very subtle, such as someone s eye blinking every once in a while. For me, these are the most fun animations they aren t overly obvious and yet they provide an eye-catching bit of intrigue for your page. note The Opera Web browser, located at www.opera.com/features/ access/visual/, allows users to disable animated GIFs. Secret #189: Image Maps: To Use or Not to Use Image maps are one of theWeb soldest forms of navigation. They can be extremely useful, as anyone using mapping sites for directions can see. However, in general use, they don t always serve a purpose that couldn t be more efficiently handled

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