360 Part III: Designing Sites for Long-Term Success

360 Part III: Designing Sites for Long-Term Success Tucson golf course properties retirement retirement neighborhoods. Naturally, all these keywords and terms should be included in your keyword meta element, too. Secret #234: Keeping URLs Short and Relevant This is a topic that spopped up throughout the book, and for good reason. Whether you re approaching it from the perspective of information architecture, usability, or ranking and promotions, the shorter and more logical your Web site address is, the easier it s going to be to promote and to catalog. For example, www.molly.com/books/ is going to be a fairly easy URL to promote, whereas www.readallofmollysbooks.com/ is going to have numerous pitfalls. So, keep URLs as short and sweet as you possibly can. tip It s also highly recommended that when you have a www within your domain name that a visitor is able to resolve your site with or without the initiating www www.molly.com and molly.com resolve to the same location. Another problem with URLs and promotion is dynamically created URLs or those that display a session ID. Consider the following URL, a real URL to an article of mine: http://www.informit.com/content/index.asp?product_id={F41929EF- 0DCC-444C-AE9C-EA20A98C3853}&session_id={6C98C46C-F571-4647-890DAB05E18223DD} Anyone who takes this URL and copies it into their browser window may encounter problems when the browser tries to resolve to the correct page. The reason is due to the session ID being added to the URL. That ID is specific to my session, not yours, and will cause problems when another person tries to resolve the URL. ExperiencedWeb developers and programmers will know that they should remove the session ID, but these issues can and should be dealt with on the server-side. URLs of this nature go against most usability guidelines and cause serious problems when it comes to trying to promote specific pages within Web sites. note Did you catch the other problem with the extended URL? If you drop it as is into an XHTML document, it will not validate unless you escape the ampersand within the URL.

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