Chapter 14: Improving Site Ranking and

Chapter 14: Improving Site Ranking and Managing 359 Bad example:


Good example:

Welcome to Tucson Homes, Tucson’s Luxury Real Estate Site

tip Sprinkling keywords liberally throughout all headers is helpful. Just be sure you aren t going overboard to the point of losing the real meaning in your headings. Secret #233: Using Keywords in Text After looking at headings, many search engines will begin grabbing your text for descriptions. For sites that aren t built structurally and use tables for content, you re really playing Russian roulette trying to assume which content the engine will grab. However, if you are following well-structured markup practices, the first place most engines will look after headings is text formatted as being a paragraph. So, when you are preparing your content for the Web, be sure that there are plenty of keywords worked into your content, again following a balanced approach where you are enhancing the keyword count but not diminishing the content s importance. Here s a welcome paragraph on a client sWeb site: I specialize in luxury homes in the Tucson foothills and University of Arizona area. I am also very knowledgeable about Tucson golf course properties and retirement neighborhoods. My business has been built by personal referrals, so I’m looking forward to getting to work with you. Note some of the powerful keywords and combinations in use: luxury luxury homes homes Tucson Tucson foothills foothills University University of Arizona Arizona Tucson golf Tucson golf course golf golf course golf course properties

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