Chapter 14: Improving Site Ranking and

Chapter 14: Improving Site Ranking and Managing 361 Secret #235: Solicit Reciprocal Links The more people link to your site, the more important that Web address will appear to many search engines, with the site ranking improving based on its popularity. This is called reciprocal linking. One scam you should be aware of is that some SOEs and marketing firms will try to convince you that you need to populate entry pages pages that link to your Web site on other Web servers to increase links to you, thereby boosting your rank by tricking search engines into thinking that relevant Web pages have links to your site. The best way to increase linking to you is to solicit it especially from relevant and related Web sites. For example, the more Web sites related to Web development, Web design, and computer book topics that I have linked to, the better my ranking is going to be. You can increase linking a number of ways beyond frank solicitation. Today s Weblog software can be applied to businesses too, adding features with rolling blogrolls links to related sites. For topically related sites, there are often Webrings groups of related sites with links from one to the next and these can be a great way to drive traffic to your sites. I ve added my Web site to a number of rings in the past few years and have been astonished at the resulting increase in visitors to my site.Webrings are grouped by like interest (or geography, such as Tucson Web sites ), so the people who come to your site as a result are likely going to have a pre-existing interest or need that your site can accommodate. tip Do a search for on any search engine and you ll probably find an assortment of Webrings related to your topic, too. If for some reason you do decide, or are told, that you need to research SOEs or other groups that can assist you with linking strategies, be as careful as you can to check out who you are working with. Who knows, you might be surprised and actually find someone who will help you with resources and actually contribute to your goals, but again, the likelihood of that is very low. Secret #236: Consider Affiliate Programs If it s appropriate for your site, you may wish to consider affiliate programs. Amazon. com offers the most famous of these programs. Here s how affiliate programs work. You create coded links on your own site of recommended products, sign up for the affiliate program to get the various coded links you llneed, and then you will receive a percentage of money from any affiliate sales.

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