364 Part III: Designing Sites for Long-Term Success

364 Part III: Designing Sites for Long-Term Success to those readers as a means of rewarding their ongoing loyalty and interest in my work. Figure 14-4 shows a significant spike in site visits after a newsletter campaign. Figure 14-4: A spike in site visits occurred after a newsletter campaign. Secret #238: Run Regular and Seasonal Promotions To create interest in your site and brand or build personal relationships, regular promotions can really help. People like getting a break, or even better, free stuff. Depending upon what you re promoting and to whom, the type of promotions you want to run will vary. Table 14-2 describes several scenarios and suggestions for regular and seasonal promotions. Table 14-2: Regular and Seasonal Promotion Ideas Site Type Promotional Possibilities DJ Web site CD giveaways, trivia contests with prizes, show ticket giveaways, yearly concern promotion event. Heart disease information Web site Health-related book giveaways, monthly promotions for heart health, healthy cooking recipe contests, exercise equipment promotions, discount vouchers for healthy heart testing

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