How we run the project, and how you

How we run the project, and how you use the code, is fundamentally very different from most open source projects and most JavaScript libraries. The jQuery project and community is incredibly knowledgeable; we understand what makes jQuery a different programming experience and do our best to pass that knowledge on to fellow users. The jQuery community isn’t something that you can read about to understand; it’s something that you actually have to participate in for it to fully sink in. I hope that you’ll have the opportunity to partake in it. Come join us in our forums, mailing lists, and blogs and let us help guide you through the experience of getting to know jQuery better. For me, jQuery is much more than a block of code. It’s the sum total of experiences that have transpired over the years in order to make the library happen. The considerable ups and downs, the struggle of development together with the excitement of seeing it grow and succeed. Growing close with its users and fellow team members, understanding them and trying to grow and adapt. When I first saw this book talk about jQuery and discuss it like a unified tool, as opposed to the experiences that it’s come to encapsulate for me, I was both taken aback and excited. Seeing how others learn, understand, and mold jQuery to fit them is much of what makes the project so exhilarating. I’m not the only one who enjoys jQuery on a level that is far different from a normal tool-user relationship. I don’t know if I can properly encapsulate why this is, but I’ve seen it time and time again the singular moment when a user’s face lights up with the realization of just how much jQuery will help them. There is a specific moment where it just clicks for a jQuery user, when they realize that this tool that they were using was in fact much, much more than just a simple tool all along and suddenly their understanding of how to write dynamic web applications completely shifts. It’s an incredible thing, and absolutely my favorite part of the jQuery project. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to experience this sensation as well. John Resig Creator of jQuery

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